We believe that everyone deserves to have a happy life. We help people look beyond their limitations and find ways to shine...


We're really sorry but we're asking the public not to visit us at Hollybank at the moment, so that we can minimise the risk of infection among our children, young people and adults. The situation is changing frequently and we hope to be able to see you again soon. In the meantime, stay vigilant and keep yourselves and your families safe. We hope to see you again soon.


Author: Jo Fearn


Everyone deserves to have a home where they feel safe and supported. Over the past sixty five years, we have built our reputation as the experts in residential care for children, young people and adults with profound disabilities. Everything we do here at Hollybank is designed to support individuals so they can learn, laugh and live as independently as they can.


Author: Jo Fearn


By focusing on a child's abilities, rather than their disabilities, our outstanding school and nursery supports children to achieve their full potential. We work with parents and families to develop a personalised development programme for each child. We’ve got great facilities at Hollybank and a professional team, who are passionate about learning.


Author: Jo Fearn

The scope of our work


Residential homes across Yorkshire providing a home for life for children, young people and adults


Children, young people and adults live and learn at Hollybank every day


Activity sessions delivered in the past 12 months to people with profound and multiple disabilities

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