The coronavirus may have put a stop to lots of our plans and events this year, but it won’t stop us having fun!

Here are three simple ways you can enjoy yourself – and raise a bit of money for Hollybank too...

  • A home workout
    If exercise is your thing, organise a virtual workout session and get your family and friends to join you. Ask everyone to pay an entry fee to take part. Stay active and stay social, in the safety of your own home.
  • A foodie fundraiser
    Has the return of The Great British Bake Off inspired you to put your cake making skills to the test? Why not hold an online bake off with family, friends, and work colleagues? Ask people to pay an entry fee. On the day get them to post their bakes and vote on the best.
  • Online book club
    Are you a secret bookworm? Why not organise a virtual book club. Discuss your favourite books with your family, friends, and colleagues. Let people join for a small entry fee.

Check out our top tips page if you need any further information or support.

You can donate any funds you manage to raise by clicking here.