Ailsa Moore is the Headteacher at Hollybank School and is also our Head of Children's Services. 

Ailsa is also on our board of school governors. She studied at  Edge Hill University and qualified as a primary school teacher in 2002.

After two years of teaching in a mainstream primary school, Ailsa began to work at Hollybank as a class teacher. In 2006, she gained the position of Assistant Headteacher and in 2010 became Deputy Headteacher and is now the  Head of Education at Hollybank. 

Alongside her professional role within Hollybank, Ailsa also has a personal connection to the Trust, as a sibling of a past pupil which she believes gives her a broader understanding of the needs of our children, young people and their families.

Ailsa spends her free time with her family – usually driving the children to a range of activities, lessons and parties. Ailsa and her husband also foster children. 

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