Organise a birthday fundraiser on Facebook for Hollybank 

Since 2017, Facebook has allowed users to fundraise for a charity of their choice on or around the time of their birthday. Here's how you can raise money for Hollybank Trust, on your special day!

Two weeks before your birthday, listed on your Facebook account Facebook will send you a notification asking if you'd like to set up a birthday fundraiser and you will have two weeks to collect funds!

To set this up, go to the 'Fundraisers' section on your Facebook, you can find a link to this in the Help Centre, you will then be presented with a box where you can enter all the basic details. 

  • Select Hollybank Trust as the charity you would like to raise money for. 
  • Enter the amount you would like to raise. 
  • Choose the date you would like your fundraiser to end, perhaps a week after your birthday, to give your Facebook friends time to donate! 
  • Facebook will then allow you to give a title to your fundraiser.
  • Then you should put a brief paragraph together detailing why you're raising money for the Hollybank Trust, be sure to share your story about your connection to us, and why we're important to you! 
  • You can then add a cover photo for your fundraiser.

Now all that's left to do is share your birthday fundraiser for Hollybank Trust and watch the donations roll in!

We will receive donations straight from Facebook, and they also match the funding and donate the same amount! People have raised hundreds and even thousands of pounds for causes close to their hearts by using this unique social media tool!