At Hollybank, we pride ourselves on making peoples’ lives better – not just the children, young people and adults who come here, but also their friends and family. Because of the work we do, families can focus on being mums, dads, brothers and sisters, rather than teachers, nurses and carers.

Often, family members of the people we care for feel they’d like to give something back and Charlie Bradley decided he’d like to do just that and you may remember a fantasy football Hollybank fundraiser we mentioned in September last year?

Charlie’s brother lives with us at Hollybank and he decided to set up a fantasy football league and he has donated all the proceeds coming to us here at Hollybank. Originally, Charlie was aiming to raise £1000 for Hollybank, but amazingly he he’s raised more than double that amount!

Charlie Bradley said: “We are really lucky to have Hollybank and my brother loves living there.”

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Charlie for choosing to support us in this way, and a big well done!