Our newly adapted school kitchen which provides meals for our day students has passed its first inspection by Environmental Health and was given - you guessed it - a 5* rating!

This is a huge achievement for an initial inspection, made possible thanks to the teamwork of our catering and school teams who have worked extremely hard to get this result.

Food Hygiene Ratings show people that an organisation is complying with food law and producing food that is safe to eat. During the inspection, they look now just at the kitchen space, but also the way we work, our food safety management system and the types of food we make and prepare. Gaining five stars is no mean feat.

Hollybank’s Catering Supervisor Rachel Hirst said: “I’m really proud of how our catering and school team have worked together to create a working school meals provision. It was something we really needed, and it’s been great to see everyone pull together to make it happen.

“To see everyone pull together and respond positively to all the changes we have made has been great – our final rating was the ‘icing on the cake’ making all our efforts worthwhile.”