Did you spot the mention of us and our honeybees in the local newspaper recently?

Back in 2014, local Beekeeper Richard Terry approached Hollybank with a view to relocating some of his hives to our site and six years later, the honeybees are still here!

Richard said: “I wanted the hives to be in a place that would be good for the bees, but also of benefit to the residents at Hollybank. The grounds at Hollybank are ideal for the bees and I am keen to support the amazing work that Hollybank does by producing and selling the honey our bees make.”

Outback Beez, managed by Richard and his daughter have 25 hives in total with four of those being on our main Roe Head site! Last year, Hollybank’s fuzzy friends produced 100 jars of honey and all proceeds from the honey sold help us to continue to support our children, young people and adults. How cool is that!?

Although beekeeping is just a hobby for Richard, he looks after a huge 250,000 honeybees in total and hopes to eventually have one million!

Richard also has hives at Dewsbury police station and West Yorkshire Fire Service HQ in Birkenshaw.

Usually, Richard’s bees produce honey two or three times a year, depending on the weather. Richard said: “Generally, we get a Spring, Summer and Autumn crop of honey. This year has been one of the worst years due to the hot dry spring and wet summer.”

Due to Covid, unfortunately there won’t be any honey this year but we’re so excited to try next year’s!