Our occupational therapists work closely with Hollybank's school and residential homes to encourage our children, young people and adults to take part in activities which allow them to have greater independence and fulfilment in life.

From making sure that our living and learning environments are adapted, to sourcing specialist equipment that meet the specific needs of each individual, our occupational therapists look at the everyday activities that our children, young people and adults find difficult and explore different ways for them to do it. This includes:

  • Aids and adaptations
  • Developing skills 
  • Modifying tasks

Our occupational therapy team are all trained to understand people’s practical, social and emotional needs, as well as their medical needs, providing them with holistic solutions to tackle the everyday tasks that most of us take for granted.

Assistive technology

Assistive technology is a small, but mighty, part of the occupational therapy service we offer here at Hollybank.

Assistive technologies can enable people to control their immediate environment, engage in pastimes and social or educational activities, play games or just have some choice in what they want to watch or listen to.

Our AT team takes equipment, tools and gadgets that we use everyday and adapts them so that they can be used by children, young people and adults - at the touch of a button. Imagine not being able to open your own curtains, or to change the channel on the TV... Our team helps people to interact with and control the environment they are in. From microwave ovens, toasters and food mixers, to toys, computer games and musical instruments - you name it, our AT team has adapted it!

Smart Flat

Situated on our main site in Mirfield, our smart flat is a special place that enables individuals' occupational therapy needs to be assessed in a safe and stimulating 'home from home' environment. Fully adapted, the flat means our children, young people and adults can try out all the everyday equipment we have in the flat and see what works best for them. The flat features a lounge area, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom and can be hired out by external organisations.