We have three spacious rooms available for short breaks for children in  Orchard Court. These are single occupancy rooms, each with tracking hoists, and en-suite facilities. All our bathrooms are all fully equipped with hoists and specialist bathing equipment.

The length of stay we can offer your child is totally flexible and can be tailored to both your child and family's specific needs. From short daytime stays to routine overnight scheduled stays and emergency placements, we are open throughout the year including weekends and holidays, depending on availability.

We take a person-centred approach to our short breaks, so will meet with you before the break to create a package of support specific to your child and their individual needs.  Our multi-disciplinary team of care professionals will assess your child and develop a support plan, for our social care staff to follow. We give 24 hour waking care and can call on the experience and advice of our on-site nurses and therapists.

We like to give all our children a say in the activities they’re involved in and hold weekly forums to give everyone a voice.

During any short break your child could take part in any number of the activities listed below. It just  depends what they choose to do and - of course - the great British weather!