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"The wellbeing of our residents is our priority"

Whatever your child’s needs, they will enjoy high quality care and nursing support. They will also be able to take part in lots of different therapy activities. There are plenty of opportunities to develop new skills in a safe, fun and supportive environment.

Our large supportive team includes experienced nurses, physiotherapists, occupational music and speech and language therapists. We all work together with the individual, parents and community agencies to provide the best possible care and learning experiences in a diverse and inclusive environment.

ELMS (Enrichment Learning and Multi-Sensory) Specialist day service for adults with Complex Needs

ELMS provides an activity programme for adults with a disability to take part in a variety of engaging, fun and sensory sessions, from arts and crafts to music and sports there is something for everyone.

The ELMS service is for anyone aged 19 years + with a disability, we specialise in Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD) and physical impairments. ELMS is able to cater for the individual's needs with specialised equipment, hoisting and fully trained ELMS staff to facilitate sessions individualised to the service user.

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Assistive Technology

Assistive technology assists an individual in their everyday living. AT is an integral part of school life, community homes and ELMS enabling a person to interact with and control the environment they are in. AT promotes independence and autonomy which helps build confidence and self-esteem. The technology is tailored to the individual’s needs and can help them to access communication, learning, leisure, sensory experiences and environmental control.

We have a small, experienced team of staff dedicated to working with technology. They work closely with the wider therapy team to assess and provide the best AT solutions.

Our team of experienced therapy staff, based at our main Roe Head site in Mirfield, provide health and wellbeing support. They ensure that health needs are managed and the highest standard of care is achieved. Our therapists also play a major role in the ongoing support and training of other Hollybank Trust staff in their daily management of the children and adults who live within the Trust.

occupational therapy

Occupational Therapy

Our therapists work closely with the multi-disciplinary staff teams 'enabling' the children and adults to engage in meaningful activities which allow them to achieve, have greater independence and fulfilment in life.

We ensure that our environments are adapted and equipped to the needs of each individual to maintain safety, dignity and to enable people to be as independent as possible.

The occupational therapy staff are based at main site in close proximity to the AT facilities. The staff cover all residential areas of the Trust and the school.

wellbeing pyhsio


Each person under the care of Hollybank Trust has physiotherapy input according to their assessed needs. The team provides cover which is responsive to any acute or changing need. Therapy is delivered within school, in the Bradbury Therapy Centre and in all residential areas of the Trust.

Physiotherapy takes the lead role in arranging on-site clinics to manage individuals needs for special seating, orthotics, and botox.

wellbeing slt

Speech & Language Therapy

Our SLT team believes that everyone has the right to communicate. With the skilled support available at Hollybank Trust it should be possible to overcome communication difficulties associated with complex physical and learning disabilities. All individuals at Hollybank Trust are supported to develop, practise and use their communication skills in all aspects of their life, whatever their communication needs or methods may be.

Difficulties with eating and drinking can have a huge impact on a person’s health & wellbeing. The SLT team take a lead role in ensuring that the individuals at Hollybank have the opportunity to develop and maintain the skills required for eating and drinking in a safe and enjoyable way